How does your business performance compare to AMS?

We understand that your business performance is your top priority. This is why Advantage Managed Services AMS is fundamentally different to other managed services schemes as we provide the full range of business tools to enable your business to reach its profit potential. To find out more about Advantage Travel Partnership please click here.

Head of Business Development
David Moon, Head of Business Development

What our AMS members are achieving in terms of business performance

We feel it’s important to share with you the performance figures.

Currently, as a collective our AMS members are delivering the following results:

+ 46% on passenger numbers

+51% on overall revenue

(The figures are based upon year on year cumulative performance).

How is your business performing?

We are clearly proud of what we have achieved and this performance is by no means a one off – the members of AMS are consistently reaching these levels.

So let me ask you one simple question. Are you getting the same level of return from your current organisation? If the question is unanswerable then perhaps it is time to talk to Advantage Managed Services.

Equally, if you are not currently part of any membership organisation, are you achieving this level of performance on your own?

To hear some of our members stories, you can read them here.

Why are they performing so well

David Moon and Members

The secret of our success is quite simple and comprises three compatible elements:

  • A very comprehensive managed service package including financial protection, access to a central ATOL licence and robust supplier payment procedures
  • Access to the most competitive membership package in the industry (members benefit on average of £27,000 p.a) including commission/target earnings, a complete marketing package and a dedicated business development consultant who makes it their business to know your business.
  • AMS members who are totally driven in their quest to succeed and take full advantage of the service benefits of the scheme.

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