Worldwide Travel Solutions – Quick fire questions

Worldwide SharonHow long have you been with AMS?

Nearly 3 years

What back office were you on previously?

The previous system I was on was very similar, however I now have my own trust which is used to pay all of my suppliers rather than a collective trust fund

How does the process compare with what you were using previously?

Much easier, the accounts team keep on top of all payments

What’s the biggest benefit that you find of using AMS? 

The professionalism and support of all the Advantage team

Having your supplier payments managed by Advantage, how do you feel this benefits you? Does it save you time?

It saves a tremendous amount of time as it allows me to focus on selling, training, managing my team and marketing

Being with AMS, you get access to our marketing opportunities – how do you find these benefits you?

The marketing opportunities at Advantage are phenomenal, I participate in all campaigns and have also a white label website

Can you let us know how you find Advantage as a member?

Wished I moved earlier.  Cannot fault them.  Advantage genuinely want to help each member to grow, they are very approachable, knowledgeable and professional