Bringing Their Agency Back From The Brink

Village Travel TeamDuring January 2013, Jennie Watson, Dave Smith and Tara Munson were working in the Cheam branch of Ambassador Travel when their owner dropped a bombshell – The business was going into liquidation. When faced with a situation like this most people would update their CV and start looking for another job but during the busy January peaks, these 3 employees took the initiative and decided to become business owners.

“The owner of Ambassador Travel tried to get too big too quick,” says Smith. “We always knew it was a viable business worth saving.” “We were incredibly busy that January when they told us,” adds Watson.

They decided to pool their money together and contacted the Advantage Managed Services team to discuss options so they could act quickly before it was too late. Working together the AMS team helped them to get up and running and to take control of their own destiny.

Two and a half years later and the business is thriving in the centre of Cheam in Surrey, a prosperous London suburb and hub for local independent businesses. The agency has had 20% annual growth in revenue and in the first half of 2015 this has risen to 25% growth.

This success is of course down to the hard work that they have all put into their business but they say that they couldn’t have done it without the help of AMS, which deals with all the payments and back-office administration.

“I’d definitely recommend AMS,” says Smith. “It’s a minimal set-up fee, all licenses and fees are covered and you have their back-up if there are any problems. We don’t have to worry about payment of bills and operators. If you’ve done your business plan, you can’t really get into financial trouble with AMS, as they won’t pay the operator until you’ve had the clients’ money. All our clients’ money is kept a proper bonded account, so it’s secure for everyone.”

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