Advantage Travel Partnership – Who we are?

As the UK’s largest independent travel agent group, the leisure and business travel agents who are part of the Advantage Travel Partnership are each independently owned, but as a collective they produce over £3 billion of travel sales each year, making us experts in every aspect of the travel industry.

The Advantage Travel Partnership is the only organisation of our size that is solely owned by our member partners, which means that they are all actively engaged in the business with full control over their own destiny.

We are extremely proud of our travel agency partners and although their skills and travel knowledge are as different as the individuals themselves, they all share a passion for travel and a desire to tailor their travel services to the individual needs of their customers.

As a partnership, we work closely with our member partners to provide them with the tools to offer their customers the most inspirational, yet affordable, range of travel product – and all with the full financial protection you would expect of an organisation of our size.

At The Advantage Travel Partnership we would promote that we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners, sharing our collective knowledge to deliver exceptional travel services.

We believe that the creation of the partnership services package is simply the start of the process and that active engagement is the only way to ensure business growth and profitability.

In the same way as our members tailor their expertise to meet the individual needs of their customers, so we take the time to understand our members’ business needs and prescribe sensible solutions to meet them.

As our member partners are experts in the leisure and corporate travel arenas here at Advantage Travel Partnership, our central team based in London has an extensive skill base in both disciplines.

As an approach The Advantage Travel Partnership:

  • We initially Engage with our member partners
  • We identify their needs and devise Creative solutions
  • We Deliver on what we promise – given actions always speak louder than words

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